The Dilemma

Ok, Ok, Now we have a problem: I just read the very short article "Use Conditioner Like This For Shiny Hair " that states the importance of WAITING before you rinse your conditioner out of your hair so that your hair can absorb all the nutrients from the conditioner (*I say make sure that you are using a "clean" conditioner without sulfates, phthalates, parabens, DEA, TEA, fragrance, dyes, and other yucky stuff, 'cause you'll end up absorbing those, too!).  The writer recommends that you wait until the last minute before you finish your shower to rinse.  Which is all fine and dandy, EXCEPT that Savvy Bohème Raw Sugar Scrub has a standing appointment for that last minute of the shower,  because it, too, wants time to absorb. So, here is the dilemma: Do you risk skin care nutrition for hair care nutrition, sacrifice shiny locks for radiant skin, or is there an obvious solution that I am not seeing? Imagine with me:  You got five minutes to get clean.  You are in the shower, applying your "clean" conditioner to your hair (combing it root to end, like a good girl).  Then you scoop a palm of Savvy Bohème Raw Sugar Scrub and begin exfolliating: scrub scrub scrub, round and round, up and down, face (yes, face),  décolleté, shoulders, arms, tummy and hips (repair those baby battle scars!- well, for me anyway), legs, feet...all scoured. Now time to rinse something off.  The clock is ticking and you Gots To GO. But who gets to go first? The conditioner, if high quality, will have deliciously beneficial ingredients like panthenol (Pro-V), avacado oil, rosemary or comfrey, and  jojoba, which would make your hair exceptionally smooth and nourished if given time to absorb. But the scrub- we all know how important it is to allow the Raw Sugar Scrub time for absorbtion- for beauty AND safety reasons (oil sliding down your body, onto shower floor=waste of money and broken spleens)... So, what's a person to do? In describing the product Kathryn's Reserve, I gave a few suggestions on what to do while waiting for the oils and nutrients to absorb:
  • use bathtub crayons to brainstorm the next BIG IDEA on the shower wall (or love notes to family members would be sweet, too!)
  • sing “Amazing Grace”- all 6 verses.  It will take about 3 minutes, plus you’ll feel all warm and tingly inside.
  • clean the shower floor…2 birds, one stone…
Those were all great suggestions, and still valid for passing the time while WAITING, but the question still remains: Who gets rinsed off first? I read a book one time that described what the author called "The Life Boat Theory".  He believed that we all, in our minds, during moments of pressure to sacrifice or surrender self importance, imagine ourselves in a lifeboat that can only hold 10, but is filled beyond capacity.  He theorizes that we, in our humanness, subconsciously look around in the boat, and determine who is least worthy of being saved, and then push them over, metaphorically speaking. And so I am asking you- who's gettin' the shove-off first- the conditioner or the scrub? Which is more worthy to you: Hair or Skin?  What would you do?
Keri Lehmann
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