If You Work Hard Enough, and Want it Bad Enough, Dreams Do Come True

"The Essence of All Art is to Have Pleasure in Giving Pleasure."

 - Dale Carnegie

Last Saturday, Savvy Bohème celebrated it's inagural "Savvy Bohème Affair," a home party presenting all of the current Savvy Bohème products, introducing our two newest  products (will post them on the website ASAP), and announcing our upcoming, VERY EXCITING and EXTREMELY UNIQUE partnership product...(you'll hear about it super soon as well! Watch the website for it!).  And during the "theater" of the presentation, I think I fell in love with my vocation. My niece/ trusty production manager, Christian and I had a remarkable time setting up for and delivering the presentation.  For me personally, it was a Dream Realized. My intention for the Affair was for the guests to feel very welcome, to create a sense of community among the group, and to leave feeling inspired by the entire Savvy Bohème experience.  My heart is never only to sell a very high- quality product, but to also create human connection.  In plotting a more concrete mission for the company, something that would give us very clear direction and keep us on our path,  I stole and adapted for Savvy Bohème the outline of the "Transformation Agenda" that Howard Schultz stole and adapted for Starbucks from Michael Dell of Dell Computers.   I listed seven moves (Howard's idea) and strategies on how I would achieve them.  Then I set the agenda for the Affair based on my goals.  My first and foremost concern, no matter what the occasion, is always Hospitality.  This is what my graceful hostess, Jana Key-Murray came up with:  


I couldn't have planned it better myself!  She was beautifully professional and gracious throughout our entire business together.  And speaking of gracious, Christian captured this photograph of Jana during the Affair, and it took my breath away...She looked so...Vintage Hollywood-Glamourous... To get the Affair started and to get acquainted with one another, we opened with an ice breaker that involved pennies and dates.  I also wanted to make sure that our guests had a very clear understanding of why we use the ingredients that we do, and for them to be able to experience the textures, scents, and efficacy of the products.  We set up a Sensory Station that mimiced a bathroom sink so that they could use the soap and scrubs as well as the moisturizers.  One of the really fun things about owning your own business is that you get to set the agenda, and for me, community should always be on the agenda.  Savvy Bohème already donates a portion of our sales to our community safehouse, but it was important for our hostess and her guests to be able to choose a service in their own community as well.  Jana decided to provide a list of needs from her local women's shelter, and her guests were given the opportunity to meet those needs.  I LOVED that part! Based on my "borrowed" seven moves (thanks, Howard- loved the tips!), my goals were to be a body care authority, to engage our guests, to inspire emotional attachment with our guests, to expand our global presence by starting locally, to be a leader in ethical sourcing of ingredients, and to create innovative growth platforms worthy of our products. In the end, I feel VERY accomplished. 

Thanks to the beautiful women who were a part of something much larger than themselves.


Who asked REALLY great questions

Who showed GREAT Hospitality

Dale Carnegie was right-it was my pleasure to give pleasure that day.

  If you just can't stand not having the Savvy Bohème Experience in your life, and want to share it with others as well, give me a shout out and I'll bring it to your world.  Plus, the hostess benefits for the Affair are pretty great! ; )
Keri Lehmann
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