What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do

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I have a secret weapon that I have wanted to unleash for several months now, but haven't.  It's a body care product that I knew would do well once I released it to the public, but for many reasons, I withheld it.  I would make a batch every few months or so, and would keep it for myself, or stealthily use it on my clients during pedicures, but in general, noone knew about it.  Until one day last year, as I was showing my products to a friend, I casually mentioned this particular item, but skimmed over it, explaining something to the effect of, "but you won't want to try this one- its REALLY AMAZING, I don't know how to market it yet because it's so different, and it makes the shower super slick."  And she said, "I want to try it."  And so she did, with great affection, and asked for more when it was used up.  With each new order, I would pull a bit out for myself, and save the rest for her.  When her sister called me to order some as well, I knew that 1) I needed to label it; and 2) I needed to think about making it available to everyone. So, I named the product "Kathryn's Reserve," after the only other soul who got to experience the product's supreme value I began letting others try it only recently, and to my delight (and apprehension), the word has spread like the latest gossip on Snookie (whoever that is- I just see her name in the tabloids while standing in line at the Walmarts). Questions have flooded my mind as to HOW to present this product:

  • How do I describe such a seriously rich, effective, and nourishing treat for the body without sounding trite or commercialized?  It is so unique, I would hate to homogenize its characteristics.  I want to RUN away from terms like "luxurious", and "spa", or "salubrious"...well, ok- "salubrious" is a really cool word...I'll take it...
  • The cost to make it is pretty high, which means the cost to sell it will have to be higher, and I like having high quality, yet affordable products.  It gives me a sense of  good economic stewardship.
  • What in the world can I do about the slippery-surface factor? I certainly wouldn't want to cause any broken spleens...
I just didn't know what to do with this really, seriously, SALUBRIOUSLY great body care product... I needed answers... In these particular types of dilemmas, I always take the same decision-making steps:
  1. Think, fret, worry, ponder, hypothesize about every possible result.
  2. Ask EVERYONE I meet what he/she would do in my case, and get even more confused over the varying responses.
  3. Ask Mom.
  4. Ask Aaron.
  5. Ask Amber.
  6. Pray.
  7. Do nothing.
  8. Pray again.
  9. Do what God, Mom, Aaron, and Amber said (They all usually agree).
But this time, Aaron has been super busy, Mom is trying to buy a house, and Amber is at Disney World.  So God and I have had some coffee time, and I am pleased to present to you this absolutely unique, authentic, moisturizing event that is "Kathryn's Reserve." Just, please, for the love of your spleen - use it with caution. Follow my directions for use, and hide it from your kids - they'll love it, too, and it would be like giving Godiva to a baby...

Order Kathryn's Reserve for yourself... and a friend

Keri Lehmann
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