Sweet Nonfat Latte No Whip Extra Hot!  This book is GOOD! I got my copy of "Onward," by Howard Schultz, Founder and CEO of Starbucks yesterday, and all I can say is: something's brewing inside me...and it ain't the coffee...  I now understand what it is that draws me to the "Starbucks Experience,".  In a word: Magic. As Mr. Schultz details, quite transparently, his passion for delivering an experience, not just a product to Starbucks' audience, he unveils a bit of the mystery of how a cup of coffee can bring such inspiration, and for me, anyway, transportation to another place where one can find respite from the day to day routine.  He says that his first discovery of the magic of coffee was in Milan, in a small coffee bar.  As the Italian gentleman, "barista" pulled his shot of esspresso into a tiny white porcelain cup, he knew that he was witnessing something more than a coffee break- he called it "theater"- an experience in and of itself. In attempt to recreate the Milan experience, through passion, principle,and creativity, (and a whole lot of trial-and-error), Starbucks has successfully captivated the imaginations of its "Partners" and patrons, no small feat for any business, much less a major corporation with stores in at least fifty countries.  Their mission statement begins: "To inspire and nurture the human spirit- one person, one cup, one neighorhood at a time." So, my question is: What makes YOU feel welcome, inspired, nurtured...transported?  Is it through Song?  

Or Beauty?   Or Innocence?   The Common Table?   How about the Written Word?   Or Retreat?   And how about LOVE?  To be able to "inspire and nurture the Human Spirit" is a noble intention and an even more splendid attainment.  It is one that I hope we can achieve though the "theater" of Savvy Bohème, and it's my desire to infuse a bit of romance and magic into your lives.  I am carefully imagining what our future together could look like, and have complete confidence in knowing that ANYTHING is possible : ) "Sometimes I think creativity is magic; it's not a matter of finding an idea, but allowing the idea to find you." ~Maya Lin PS..Quick credits for the photos above:

  • The "song" one is a pic of my very talented, and musically accomplished friend, Camille Cortinas Neal, who sings like the sunrise on a spring morning- and has a personality to match.  Check her out- she performs regularly in Dallas, as well as other US cities.  Her music is transporting, indeed!  She also is a Barista for my love, Starbucks- she even recorded a jingle for them, lucky girl!
  • The "beauty" pic is my lovely sis, Tracy, and her gorgeous daughter, Savannah. 
  • The "common table" was made by my dad one day a few weeks ago- it's a 12 footer, and our Sunday dinners occupy every square inch of it!
  • The "written word" pic of a book cover is a novel about a community of people who strive to allow grace, creativity, and welcome to resonate through their relationships. It was very well written by my life-long friend, Jonathan Blundell, who also happens to "master" this web page...He gets it all done, and still has time to adore his precious wife and TWIN babies!  Check out his book, "St.Peter's Brewery", hire him to master your website, or just friend him on facebook... He's a goldmine of resourcefulness!
  • The "love" pic is of two of my favorite lovebirds, Bonnie and James Howard.  Their love is poetic.
Keri Lehmann
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