So..You think YOU can dance?

To begin, I just want to let you know that I read an article on successful blogging, and one of the points of interest was that using pictures, specifically of faces in posts make the story more captivating... so when you see a random face or pair of eyeballs looking at you, just know that it's my way of intriguing you to continue on...It'll be like "Where's Waldo," in my posts.... Last weekend, I "assisted" Aaron with a wedding reception that he was Djing. I use the word "assisted" very loosely because that mainly consists of me plugging in a few LED lights, patting his back as he pushes the heavily-laden dolly, and bringing him a piece of the wedding cake so that I can eat it.  I mostly just like to watch the guests in their finery, celebrating what is (almost) always a moment in time when everyone forgets the past, "for auld lang syne",  and hopes for the future of two souls being knit together. I am getting teary-eyed just thinking about it. This particular wedding reception was a breath-taker, for sure.  The wedding cake was by far the most beautiful cake I have seen. It was made by The Cake Guys in Duncanville, Tx, and was as delicious as it was beautiful. And it matched the bride's dress... During the dancing portion of the evening, though, I got to giggling at the thought of "dancing".  As the guests were getting jiggy with it, as with any dancing opportunity, some guests looked very comfortable with moving rythmically, and others looked Stiff.  Awkward. Afraid to attempt a move that the others are successfully achieving for fear of looking like Elaine from Seinfield.  We want to be noticed on the dance floor, but not for THOSE reasons... My sister is an amazing dancer.  She just has to see a movement once and she's got it.  At 43 years old, she still catches attention on the dance floor, and for all the RIGHT reasons... What I am perpetually wondering is: How do people automatically know how to dance?  I mean, like in the '80's movie, "Can't Buy Me Love," (before Patrick Dempsey was known as McDreamy), when Ronald Miller performs his "African Anteater Ritual" at the school dance, everyone automatically catches on...of course, except for the stiff, awkward ones like me...I know, I know- it was in the script and a choreographer taught the lot of them before filming, but I am inclined to think that there must be a choreographer who goes to cool people's houses before big events and teaches them the latest dance moves. There are however, those exceptional souls who neither have rhythm nor inhibitions, who tear it up on the dance floor without a care as to whether they end up on Youtube or not.  They always end up in the middle of the Soul Train Line doing the Running Man, spin around, transition to The Worm, head spin on the floor, and land in the relaxed- on- the- floor pose (I don't know what that's called).  And "Play That Funky Music, White Boy, " is always the tune. And my question remains: How did they learn that?  Do they practice in a mirror at home? Do they have a trusted friend that they perform in front of who will give them a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down,"?  Or do they just wing it on the spot, confident that every body part is lookin' good and in its appropriate position? I want to know: How did you learn to dance at a party?  Or are you watching from the cheap seats, like me, wishing you could bust out with a perfect Beyonce "Single Ladies" routine, but knowing that what is in your mind would NEVER translate through the body?  I really need to know because there are many social occasions when knowing how to do the "Cabbage Patch" or even the "Elaine" would be a real tension breaker...And I'd like to be that catalyst sometime... Come on, y'all...Let me in on the secret.... (I know- using a baby to captivate an audience is a cheap marketing ploy, but just LOOK at those eyes...and jowels...)

Keri Lehmann
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