As part of the marketing strategy for Savvy Bohème, I was directed to blog my thoughts on stuff- business or personal, whichever struck my fancy.  And so, I have attempted to write at least one entry of indiscriminate thoughts per week, which has turned out to be my very favorite late- night activity.  I put the kids to bed, get in my jammies, grab a glass of chai, coffee, or Shiraz, depending on the mood, set itunes to my usual selection ( You know it's U2, Daniel Lanois, and my honey, Aaron for me!) and get to crackin'... I have really enjoyed this particular marketing technique because it is a chance for me to put into words the passions and dramatic interludes that interrupt the mundane events of my daily groove.  It forces me to be more aware of the moments that count in life, or at least make me laugh at the irony of it all..and to hopefully make you laugh as well... As part of researching social networking and business, I purchased the book, "Quitter," by Jon Acuff, the author of the satirical blog, "Stuff Christians Like," and my new stalking subject*. Jon has two things going for him in my estimation: 1) He works for Dave Ramsey (any friend of Dave's is a friend of mine), and 2) He is funny in all the wrong moments. *Now, being what I call a "healthy stalker," I ONLY absorb everything that that particular subject has to present to the public, make it my mission to talk about his/her attributes to anyone who will listen so that they will LOVE them too, and then move on with life..My past subjects have been, ( as you all know through admission in this very web log site) Kirk Cameron and Ree Drummond - a.k.a. "the Pioneer Woman," as well as Edie Brickell, Dave Ramsey, and always, until my end, Daniel Lanois...

But it's not as if I am digging through their trash cans or driving past their houses several times a day... I don't even know WHERE in Nashville, Tennessee Jon lives...although he DOES work with Dave Ramsey, which would make that a two- for- one trip...but that would be creepy, I guess...plus the gasoline would cost a fortune- it's like 665 miles one way...times $3.56 per gallon of gas (if I left tomorrow)- that would be..let's see...my expedition gets 14 mpg divided by..where's my calculator... Enough planning..er, I mean KIDDING. Back to Jon's book... So the book, "Quitter" is a hilariously motivational book about "closing the gap between your day job and your dream job".  It has, true to Jon's style, humorously practical advice on chasing your dream without ending up homeless.  It is full of meaty quotations like, "discipline begets discipline," and "hustle is doing the things you don't enjoy sometimes to earn the right to do the things you love".  But the most poignant paragraph that I have come to so far is on the subject of blogging and lack of audience.  He cautions on the dangers of watching Google Analytics to measure your success, and that it is normal for a blog to grow slowly in the beginning. On speaking of his first blog, which he wrote on for over a year, he describes his best blog entry as having 200 readers, but his average blog entry as having 50 readers.   In reference to those 50 people, he says, "a lot of those fifty people had the same last name as I did.  And were my mom." For some reason, I felt drawn to that observation.  Not so much the 200 people part or the 50 people part- mostly just the mom part... So, when you are reading my blogs, and you notice that my mom has commented at the bottom telling me not to forget to take out the trash because it is trash day and I forgot it last time, or wondering whose car is parked in my driveway because she couldn't see who exited it as she was watching from down the street, and didn't know if she should call the police or not, please be aware that Jon said that was normal...didn't he? And know that I come by my "healthy stalking" habits honestly... Also, to read more of Jon's observations and experiences,

or to become a healthy stalker, like me, check him out at www.jonacuff.com.  And remember what I said in my previous blog about stalking-  "Don’t creep people out, and you can enjoy the benefits of their presence.  Creep ‘em out, and you’re gone"

Keri Lehmann
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