Hard Rains' A- Gonna Fall

It was a beautifully dreary morning this morn, and I had to take a trip out east. The rain was still falling from the evening before, and my weather app had green smears with red centers covering the entire North American continent, confirming what I had already suspected: the rain was gonna fall for a while. So I settled into the driver's seat of the car, grabbed my tall americano with steamed skim milk, and hit the road, praying for travel mercies and a good day for my babies while I was gone.  I was in Aaron's car (which somehow always smells like man and casette tapes), and was without my usual musical offerings, so I dug through his collection of Cd options: techno, techno lounge, funk trance, drum and base, The Police (too scratched), clients' wedding reception compilations, and Pinback.  So, naturally, I chose Pinback.  You would have, too.  (It was the only cd his finicky player would recognize.)  And it proved to provide excellent ambiance for the situation. As I drove down (or was it up?) highway 20, the cd faded from song to song, until I heard a familiar tune: the song about the dead goldfish.  Now, hear me out, here:  you haven't REALLY mourned the loss of a dead goldfish until you have commiserated with the writer of this song.  This guy REALLY knows how to express the grief and loss of a pet, namely Penelope, the fish.  She could have been a Beta, but I am guessing that she was a goldie, even though he describes her scales as "red".  This is based on my biased notion that goldies are the dogs of the tiny, tester pet world- loyal, friendly, predictable...whereas Betas are more like cats- intelligent, tricky, and calculating, and will CUT you if they have to. So, Penelope (the fish) has been spotted floating belly-up in the bowl, and her owner is getting depressed seeing her struggle, knowing her days are finished.  He tributes a desire to rescue her with the following words, which, under human circumstances, would be terribly romantic: "I'm treading water with my oars, glass galeons anchored, ocean floors, I'm diving down with all my gear in search of treasure, para me corazon".  And all the while, the bass guitar is doing some smokin' hot riffs, causing the ambient temperature of the space to chill, chill, chill... In the car, with the rain on the roof top, the sky covered in grey, the hum of the engine, and the need to turn up the heat on the thermostat of this cold, May day, I heard the words, "Take you to the forest, let you feel the raindrops falling down, seeping through your redscales.  Eliminate the faucet, eliminate the need for water, replace it with a safe shell."   I began to feel a bit of sadness for the limitations that separate us from the people and things we love, and simultaneously impressed that the emotions I felt were induced by a song very well written about the death of a pet fish. But mostly I was thinking that Aaron was TOTALLY going to pick up his bass and cover the song for me when I got home that night.  And he did.
Keri Lehmann
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