A Siren's Song

In my old age, I am steadily becoming more and more impressed with businesses that set themselves apart, rise above adversity, and maintain core principles, no matter the cost.  I appreciate trading with ethical businesses, and when that happens,  I love knowing that my trade dollars are recirculated toward the good of the masses.  I want to present that sort of company to the Savvy Bohème customers. The intentions of Savvy Bohème were laid from the beginning- a strong foundation of quality and authenticity, ethical sourcing, and good stewardship.  However, I am still formulating the direction of Savvy Bohème, and look to my senses to direct the flow of presentation and marketing.  And this is where the tricky part comes in, because we all know how dramatic I can get...I do feel my feelings deeply, as I have said before...And I do love a good romance.... Speaking of romances, I am not a jealous or coveteous person by nature, but I gotta say, I WISH THAT MERMAID was mine (you know the one I'm talking about- the one in the green circle; the one whose siren song sounds like springtime in Paris, or feels like summer naps on George Washington's lawn *tell ya that story sometime later*, or looks like a stroll down Pike Place, past the fishmongers and pastry shops...)  Every time I see her symbol of rest, my brain automatically registers two thoughts:
  1. I need a tall americano, steamed skim milk, EXTRA FOAM- (please make it super extra-foamy...), one sugar. Again.
  2. Dang, I wish that was my company.

Starbucks has excelled, in my opinion, at providing a sensory journey for it's customers.  I have read the book, "The Starbucks Experience", written by Joseph A. Michelli, an outsider looking in at the company, and "get" the ideas presented in the book: Starbucks is committed to 5 basic governing principles, with flexibility given to the individual Barista to discern what the customer may need on that particular day, during that particular moment.  They are brilliant concepts, full of integrity and humanity.  But I think that Starbucks has somehow stumbled upon something more...I think that they have found a way to inspire passion in others, from the Barista to the consumer. They have found a way to inspire within each affected person, the ability to be creative, to be a part of community, to find a place of rest and respite, and to participate in the betterment of the lives of others through (among many ways,) the purchase of Fair Trade coffee (according to Michelli, although Starbucks only purchases 4% of all the coffee sold worldwide, they are one of the largest retailers of Fair Trade certified coffees in America, and the ONLY company to sell Fair Trade certified coffee in  21 countries globally).  I know that every time I walk into Starbucks, I am instantly transported to that place in my mind where I have infinite opportunities, abundant creative energy, a cache of confidence, and plenty of grace to share the good will.  I admire the company's way of unlocking the mystery of generating community and passion.  And I wish to eternity that I had thought of it first.   So just know that anytime I have conjured up a new product, designed a new label, written another blog, it was done with the sweet and foamy, full bodied, passionate companionship of the Siren's call, and the whole time I am dreaming of where I am going to take you next....and hoping that you feel inspired, too!

Keri Lehmann
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