Can You Feel It Now?

It's CANTON time again! We had such a great adventure last month, we decided to do it again!  But this time, I am MUCH more prepared- my sales skills have been honed to perfection...I am like the Chuck Norris of Sales now.  When you pass by booth 21, you will feel the commercial energy, and be compelled to purchase something- anything...But don't worry- I am only selling body care products. You won't walk away with a Chia Head or leg lamp.  Well, at least not the Chia Head.

Anywho, Our Big Adventure II begins tomorrow, Friday, April 1 and goes to Sunday, April 3.  We have two new products (woo hoo!!) to add to our repetoire: Balsamic Bath Salts, made from Authentic Dead Sea Salts and some other extremely therapeutic stuff, and my new addiction, er, I mean addition, Blithe Bees-wax Lip Balm, made with beeswax from very carefree bees from the piney woods of East Texas, all natural, of course. Canton Marketplace is hosting a Bridal Expo this weekend, as well, so each of the vendors will be gearing products toward wedding suitabilities.  Savvy Bohème has gift sets suitable for bridal party gifts and wedding favors, and can personalize the sets as well!  And DJ Aaron Lehmann will be rocking the food court (Awesome!) with Frank Sinatra and Harry Connick Jr.... Don't forget to stop by his booth and do the "Robot" with him... Hope to see you there! RECAP: THIS WEEKEND: Canton Marketplace (INSIDE...A/C...NOT HOT...)  Booth 21.  Feel the Chuck Norris Sales Force. Keri OUT!

Keri Lehmann
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