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It's almost St. Valentine's Day.  My very favorite holiday. Not because of the romantic connotations and expectations attached to it; not because it's just a few days before my birthday; it's not even because I like chocolate so much.  It is very simple: I like pink.  And I like red.  And I get a special squishy feeling in my tummy when they are combined.  It reminds me of walking into a Victoria's Secret store and seeing all the pretty stuff, which reminds me of bubble baths and glasses of red wine, which reminds me of taking a train through Paris to Montargis, which reminds me of how my heart was aching for my Love during that voyage so many years ago, which reminds me of how crazy-nuts I still am for him today, which reminds me of the puffy-lipped, rosy cheeked babies that we made together, which reminds me of love.  So, maybe it is the romance. And the connotations.  And the chocolate.   I DO love that holiday. So, in honor of Love, I would like to host Savvy Bohème's FIRST give-away. Here's the down-low ; ) I am giving away 2 Savvy Boheme gift sets, each containing the Brand New, very fresh, still designing the labels as we speak, Whipped Cocoa Butter Moisturizer with sweet orange and vanilla essential oils  (3.4 oz-I call it, "Summer in Spain"), and a Raw Sugar Scrub with essential oils of blood orange and rose (16 oz-"Picasso's Rose")  Post your answer to the following question in the comment section of this page. (this one, the one you are reading now...down below...) Question: "If you could be any chocolate, what kind would you be?"  Feel free to include your "why"... I will end the contest at 11:00 pm Sunday night-  February 6; 2 winners will be randomly selected (computer generated programs are cool).  Each winner will receive the very fresh, new product set, inspired by romance, ensured to get you all stirred up! Let the games begin! UPDATE: And the winners are (thanks to for selecting for me): comment # 9 (Melissa) and comment # 12 (Dollye Plagge).  Congrats to both of our winners!  Your gifts will be in the mail tomorrow morning!  Thanks to everyone who played! Ps...just for fun I ran the random number-izer thingy again, just to see who would win on the third try and can anyone guess who it was?....Deanna Rickliffs....two times in a row....

Keri Lehmann
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