Vegan or Vegetarian?

{Abridged version for guys and A D D sufferers:  Savvy Bohème products coulda been vegan except for that dang Sugar Scrub!  Blame it on the honey! That is all.  Get back to your computer games- your team is depending on you ; ) }

During the research and development stages of the current products, I noticed that some of the new responsible skin care producers were labeling their products as "vegan."

  As a consumer, I love to read labels and even more so, to find products that suit my specific needs, and so I assume that others do as well. I am not a vegan (cafe au lait...remember?), so the label "vegan" was not an identifier that I had ever sought out...

I was curious as to what "vegan" meant regarding body care products- SURELY no one was dropping a slab of beef into my moisturizers. Surely...  

But then, before I could research it, my brain clocked in from it's coffee break, and I realized that "vegan" referred to the fact that the products didn't have animal by-products in them. Apparently many (when I say "many", I mean most) skin care products have ingredients that have derived from animals (as well as have been tested ON the animals).

And I thought, haughtily, I might add, "well, MY products don't have animal by-products in them, either...And the only animals that I have tested on are my family and friends...and my mechanic, who didn't like the products because they made his hands too soft."

In that moment, I determined that I would join the ranks of the informed, and label my products as "vegan".  

I plugged the term "vegan" into any sentence I could: "my products are made with ALLLLLLL natural ingredients, Daahr-ling, they are VEGAN; And I only use Grey Poupon on my sandwiches...of course.", or, "has anyone seen my VEGAN hairbrush?  I left it here, next to my VEGAN purse." and "Excuse me, waitress, but is that water VEGAN?"

OK, I was taking it a bit far, but I was truly excited about my new discovery- being vegan is such an honorable commitment, and I was thrilled to be a part of the solution, even in it's smallest measure.

In attempt to certify that each of my claims about the Savvy Bohème  products were true, I decided to research veganism. And then I stumbled upon a startling discovery:

Vegans don't consume anything that comes from anything that had a mommy or a daddy. (ok...I know...) My sugar scrub contains honey. (So?)  Honey comes from bees. (Yeah?) Bees have mommies. (eeoohh...) 

My scrubs are not vegan!

My thoughts were racing! My house of cards had fallen-I will be found a fraud! 

What could I do to redeem that which had been violated? All was lost!... But alas!  A light in the darkness, the solution presented itself in the form of the written word.

In the book, "Change the Way You See Everything" by Cramer and Wasaik, it says,

"The principle, "Magnify What's Best, Focus On What's Next", requires that you be keenly aware of who you are and what you want to achieve-even while navigating demanding situations and responding to the priorities of others..Make what you HAVE accomplished more important than what you HAVEN'T." 

So, I have decided to attach a new, more accurate identifier for my products-"vegetarian", take confidence in knowing that Savvy Bohème products are made with the very best ingredients, giving the most effective results, with no harm toward anyone or thing, and purpose to continue to learn more effective ways to make life better, altogether.
Keri Lehmann
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