"Une tasse de cafe avec creme et sucre"- the French phrase that I remember from high school...

It is 5 days after missing my original webstore launch date of January 1 (a date I pulled out of thin air in planning), and my very talented (and patient) webmaster, Jonathan Blundell, ever the gentleman, has been so gracious to reset the countdown clock an extra 25 days, as if I never missed the mark.
On New Years' eve, I sat in a borrowed bed in White Bluff, Texas, imagining what the countdown would say moments and days after the launch didn't happen, assuming that it would be like a flashing 
 message sent out to me and each of the website's current  subscribers (yea, friends!) ...but instead, it was more like my blackberry alarm snooze feature that says, "I can see that you are otherwise occupied.  I'll check back with you in a bit".
I really appreciated that! ; )  
Excuses are lame, even when they seem pretty legit, but I'm gonna have to say that launching a business on January 1 was kinda a bad idea with Christmas and kids and all... That's my story and I'm sticking to it ; )

With that said, I move on to say that I am so excited and grateful to all of my family, friends, clients and strangers who are completely supportive of Savvy Boheme.

I met a woman recently who came to the house to check out the whipped shea butter, and left with samples to take to work.  She contacted me a few days later with several orders from co-workers. I was overwhelmed by how encouraging and generous people could be, as well as excited...thrilled... that my friend, the shea, raw...unrefined was being accepted.

Christmas was a whirlwind as well, with all the gift-giving and such. The business was not completely set up yet (why we gotta have Quickbooks for?!?), but I didn't want to miss the Christmas rush of gift-giving; I knew that it would be a great way to put Savvy Boheme (insert grave accent above first "e", and say it like you are a Texan in Paris- "bo-heem"...beautiful. Now have un croissant au chocolat avec un cafe au lait while wearing your sleeveless Texas flag shirt) into hands that I have not yet met.

And so, with my honey-husband, my mom, and my niece, Christian, and a spirit of adventure...in the mantra of the 1995 hispanic senate hopeful, Victor Morales, "Y por que no?" , we set forward the production process and unofficially "launched" the business before the business was official.

And it was really cool like that...Except for all the chaos...in addition to the chaos...because of the chaos. 

Huh? What happened?  Where are we?

 But now, back to formalities...The online store and website will be ready, as you can tell since you are reading this, now. I hope that you really enjoy what Savvy Bohème has to offer, and I hope that together, we can find better ways to live, in all aspects of living.  And if you have a really cool idea for an authentic, responsible skin care product, but are too phlegmatic to actually do it, pass it on to me.  I am a recovering phlegmatic, and really like seeing people's dream come to life.  I'll even give you a shout out for the credit ; )  and possibly even some free product!  And maybe even let you pet my bunny, Monopoly.  Maybe.... Until some other time.... Keri

PS...if you are a linguist, and just can't handle a french word being pronounced with a Texan accent, I will make notice to all: the word is actually pronounced, "bo-em"...but I ain't sayin' it that way!  And I'm gettin' me a sleeveless Texas flag shirt, too!
Keri Lehmann
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