Details of Closing/ Rebirth of Savvy Boheme

Here are the nuts and bolts of what this Rebirth looks like at this stage:

We will be clearing out EVERY piece of inventory we have. All products need to be purchased BY AUGUST 25th. After that, the online store will be deactivated for a short while, to reenlist new products and activate our new strategies. (Please note: all orders will ship out on Sept. 8, not sooner, due to final production schedule.)

(We have 2 new, cool things planned for YOU, and one life-changing program for our kids in Zambia starting...I can't WAIT to tell you about it!!)

We reviewed the charts and graphs, and had to choose only 7 products to make the initial rebirth cut, and these are the winners- our best sellers.They will be staying:

  • Amelia Raw Sugar Scrub
  • African Black Soap Bars(New name coming...can't spoil the pretty...)
  • Raven's Balm: Here's the deal on this one- it cannot remain in its current formulation due to all have experienced that with our Raven's, I am sure! So, I have reformulated it, and it is very different, but about 7 times more effective, and will work VERY well for teens, too, which the old Raven's didn't. Sadly, it won't be in the stick form, but trust me, it is VERY easy to apply. You'll love it. But if you are sad about this, you probably wanna stock up on Raven's before August 24. Freeze any surplus products until you are ready to use them to prolong shelf life. Also- for you HELP HEALING BALM lovers...this one will take care of you in the same way, but better.
  • Gravitas Facial Serum
  • Tall Americano Coffee Scrub
  • The Help Therapeutic Creme
  • Facial Cleansing Oil

Deodorants are scheduled to return early 2017. Meanwhile, stock up on your scent to keep you supplied till the new year. Peppermint Rosemary will be discontinued for good.

One other thing: We are completely out of African Black Soap, both bars and liquid and will not be restocked until the relaunch. But the bars WILL be back, so no worries! (Liquid Black Soap will not be part of the immediate relaunch, but will reappear later.)

We will reintroduce the other products as we grow, but you will not see Kathryn's Reserve, and possibly the old Raven's Balm product again until we head to the Farmstead in Midlothian in the next 18 months or so. We will make those products on site in the kitchen. 

Whatever products remain after September 1 will be sold at a one-day event in our studio in Ovilla the following week. We will make a Facebook event page for this if it is needed. 

Please note that there will be a time, during the transition, that there will be no products available for sale. We are aiming for an October relaunch with the completely redesigned packages, and streamlined products, but it may happen in November. 

Stick with us, as you always have- you are going to LOVE what's coming next. 




Ps...for the full story, read this.


Keri Lehmann
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