Closing Time

This message is for you who want to know the WHY of what we are doing over here. For those of you who just want the facts about the future of the products, click here. :)

In March of 2016, around the same time as our Kickstarter Campaign, Savvy Bohème entered into metamorphosis.

For the past 5 years, we have stretched ourselves beyond our own understanding. We've sought wisdom and tested theories that were foreign to us, to see what we could create-our vision was clear: We are God's highest form of creation. We have the ability to do anything our minds can fathom, tested by these two things:

  • Do we believe it's possible?
  • Are we willing to do what it takes, pain and all, to make it happen?

We said yes to both tests, from the very beginning. But we had MUCH to learn.

We were in the infancy stages of growth, I can see that now.

Our strength was YOU. With every step we took, we had YOU cheering us on along the way. You kept us encouraged...motivated...inspired...financed to keep pressing keep creating. In the darkest moments (you didn't even know when we were having them!), YOU always appeared. An order...a note...a visit. You wouldn't let us quit.

You were our WHY.

We grew up with YOU.

So when, in March, we decided to launch a campaign that asked you to support us EVEN more financially, and YOU came through in mighty ways, we knew we had what we needed to take Savvy Bohème to Stratospheric Success.

We had YOU. Still.


{Look at this funding chart from our Kickstarter campaign...notice the rapid increase at each level. YOU did that- $10,000 in 30 days! }


So we began dreaming about what Savvy Bohème could look like as an agent of change for the nations. 

We looked at our core values and defined them:

  • To present REAL, effective skin care products made available to the mainstream market
  • To commit to ethical sourcing and to give back to the farmers who give their efforts for our products (through Fair Trade initiatives)
  • To use our power, influence and finances to support orphans (through our donations to Family Legacy in Zambia.)

And our End Goal...the Great Vision: To Make Life Better, Altogether...with YOU.

We began to create a NEW direction for Savvy Bohème- one that kept the core of who we are...and YOU...but could stretch farther than we originally imagined...because of YOU.

I am very aware that businesses do not normally write such open and vulnerable letters to their supporters. But I know YOU share our heart. You have proven that all these years. And I want to take you with us on the journey. (Did you know that's why I always sign "Allons-Y!"? It means, "Come with us."  

We NEVER intended to take this journey alone.

And so, the intention of this letter is to invite you to continue on with us to our is, for us, laborious and difficult. It is requiring great sacrifice on our part. 

But with YOU, we won't miss the mark.

So Here we are:

We've come to our final stage of metamorphosis- the REBIRTH of Savvy Bohème.

The previous 6 months have involved visualizing, deconstructing, shifting paradigms, and letting go of things that were no longer serving our purpose well.

And now, we are nesting...making a NEW vehicle for Savvy Bohème to travel in...fueled by passion to accomplish our goals.

Savvy Bohème is metamorphosizing...She is becoming MORE of who she was created to be. 

Please stay with us...wait for us, as we labor through this transformation. 

We have BEAUTIFUL, Life-Giving, Expansion and Greater Expression of WHO we are, being knit together NOW.

But there will be a time of quietness and unavailability for the products. Please don't be worried by this. We will be back soon, and you are going to LOVE where we are taking you...

In the meantime, you'll definitely want to stock up on your favorite products. There are many that are going away for a long while. Read this page to see the details of what is staying and what is going. Please note also:

You only have from NOW until August 25 to place orders. The online store will be deactivated midnight, on August 25th, and we might need to make some of the products that you ordered, so all orders will ship out on September 8. 

After that, we will continue to post, update, and keep in contact with you to let you know of the rebirth date. We are shooting for October, but it may be closer to November. You will be the first to know.

And finally, a word of inspiration:

Did you know the 1998 Hit Song, "Closing Time" by Semisonic was not actually about the "last call" at a bar, but was rather about the birth of the singer's first child? 

"Closing time- time for you to go out to the places you will be from."

I've been deeply inspired by this line:

"Closing time- Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end"


Love, Keri 


Keri Lehmann
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