Exfoliate my Face DAILY, you say?

June 06, 2022

To exfoliate or not to exfoliate:

That is the question I get asked regularly. 

Some say never. Some say only twice a week.

I saw an esthetician's recommendation on a skincare site that said 5 times a week.

But I say- for a beautiful, balanced complexion:

Exfoliate daily.

But only lightly.

Here's the deal:


Your face is like a brick wall:

Imagine 25-30 layers of dead skin cells sitting in front of living cells. Those are the bricks.

The bricks are held together by your body's natural oils, called sebum. That's the mortar.

When sebum hardens, and dead skin gets stuck "glued" to the surface of the skin, the face becomes susceptible to black heads, white heads, wrinkles, free radical damage, discoloration, dullness, rosacea, pimples, skin imbalances, oily, congested skin, dry, flakey skin, and much of what troubles the skin.

The bricks must be removed daily: but only a couple of layers a day. A full cycle of "cellular turnover" is 25-30 days.

And how do you remove bricks?

You first remove the mortar.

And how do we remove skin's mortar?

With oil.

Oil releases oil. 

And how do we remove the loose bricks?

With a gentle mechanical and chemical exfoliation.

And how do we seal up and protect the freshly exposed bricks? 

A breathable moisture barrier that works with the body's natural "force field" called the Acid Mantle.

This is exactly how our Facial Trivium works:

Our African Black Soap combined with our Bisous Pour Tous Facial Exfoliant creates a cleansing, toning, hydrating, balancing exfoliant that works to remove both the old bricks and mortar that prevent a glowing and clear complexion.

Then, after you use those together, you can add the gentle-aging power of Gravitas Facial Serum to protect and stimulate new cells, increase collagen, and nourish future cells.

And finally, you seal the fresh palette with Raven's Balm Moisturizer: it locks in moisture and nutrients, and gives the face a breathable moisture barrier. And best of all, it has added arrowroot powder to act as a primer for your makeup, if you wear it!


It's all very simple yet extremely effective.

Don't be afraid to exfoliate daily: just know that you can make it an extremely gentle exfoliation by emulsifying the sugar crystals with the black soap lather, resulting in a light chemical exfoliation- no hard abrasions to the skin, but still gets the job done! 

Try it for 5 days, and see how wonderful your complexion will look and feel!

And let me know about it, too!