Bedtime Beauty Sessions

If there's one thing I'm VERY good at, that's RESTING.
My whole family can back me up on that:
When I was a teen, I took a nap every day after school. Every day.
On Sundays, they would last for hours. My mom called them my "Royal Nap".
Back in my days as a Student Programs Specialist at a local college, our crew took a large group of student leaders to our nation's capitol. I ended up in a 20 minute siesta on George Washington's lawn, overlooking the Potomac.
I slept on George Washington's grass. While tourists roamed the property around me. 
I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. 
I can also chill out, anywhere, any time. 
It's my favorite.
And now that I'm fully grown, with real life problems and people to care for, I've transmuted that skill to other parts of my brain, for slowing down fast-moving train wreck of thoughts:

Get into REST.

If there's another thing I'm a PRO in, that's all things natural-beauty related.
I started my cosmetology career in an Aveda concept spa in Dallas. I learned from some of the premier leaders in natural and ethical sourcing of real ingredients. It was in those days that I discovered my love for natural cosmetics, and two decades later, launched my own natural cosmetic brand.
So naturally, I combine those two giftings in my personal life regularly and consistently.
But my regimen looks a little different than what you may see on Instagram or a TikTok reel, because I focus on Preeminent Beauty- that is,
Beauty That Remains long after we are gone.
And the beauty of that focus is that it not only nourishes the giver and the recipient, but it also nourishes everything it touches.
It gives life to all creation, just as God intended.
I know that sounds lofty for just a creative attribute, but it is true:
Beauty Gives LIFE.
It's why we are all drawn to it, in all its forms.
So, for 7 days beginning November 28, I invite you into my bathroom and bedroom, where I will share what I know and have experienced about beauty rest, or rather BEAUTY THROUGH REST.
I'll share my bedtime beauty rituals, including spiritual, soulful and physical practices, and the products and equipment I use to implement them all (including but limited to Savvy Bohemè products, of course!).
Through the process, you will learn
✔️how to be present in any situation
✔️ How to be in peace in any situation
✔️ how to nurture the beauty within and outside of yourself
✔️ how to use it to bring life in abundance to yourself, your loved ones, and all of creation, for generations to come.
Give yourself permission to rest.
You'll be so glad you did.
The sessions are free.